CGOA Presents


Directed by Corin Parker


The Fantasticks is loosely based on the 1894 play, The Romancers (les Romanesques) by Edmond Rostand. It is a funny and romantic musical about a boy, a girl, and their two parents who trick their children into falling in love by pretending to feud.  The narrator, El Gallo, asks the audience to use their imagination and follow him into a world of moonlight and magic.


Character List:


El Gallo - A Charming, alluring, yet manipulative adult man (age 20-40) who weaves the story through song and narration.  He is a baritone and will open the show with “Try to Remember”.


Luisa - An innocent and naive young adult daughter who is ready to fall in love with Matt and go on an adventure.  She is a soprano.(age 16-25)


Matt - A romantic and chivalric young man who is ready to save Luisa, yet gets lead astray. He is a baritone. (age 16-25)


Hucklebee and Bellomy - These characters are the parents of Luisa and Matt, and plan a feud together in order to have their children fall in love.  These parents can be mothers, or fathers and can sing Alto or Baritone.


Henry - This aged actor is not so quietly reliving his Shakespearian days.  His role is a spoken role and does not include singing.Could be played by a woman.


Mortimer - He is Henry’s side kick, and is also an aged actor.  However, Mortimer’s speciality is “death scenes”.  His role is also a speaking role only and will not involve singing.  He has a cockney accent. Could be played by a woman.


The Mute - The quiet character can be played by a male or female.  This character quietly portrays “The Wall” and other needed props during the duration of the show.  This character is…..silent.

Auditions will be done via video and can be uploaded to: Fantasticks Audition Folder



In your audition video please include:

  1.  Your name and what part you are reading for, or if you have no preference.

  2.  One song that shows voice range and ability.  If you would like to read for a role that is only a speaking role, you do not need to do this.  If you are singing, please have your song be accompanied.

  3.  One read passage.  Please see the link and read for the character you are auditioning for:  Passages to read for The Fantasticks characters


Please note that The Fantasticks will be rehearsed and performed (for video distribution online) in strict accordance with recommended COVID-19 protocols for distancing, masks and health.


Rehearsals will be a combination of Zoom meetings and in-person rehearsals during February and early March. The performance will be recorded in mid to late March.

QUESTIONS? Want to help backstage or behind the scenes?  CONTACT THE DIRECTOR, CORIN PARKER