Rehearsals and COVID protocols



Sinfonietta rehearsals begin on Tuesday, September 7, 7 PM at Hood River Valley Christian Church. 

Jazz Collective rehearsals begin on Sunday, September 12, 4 PM at WAAAM in Hood River.

Voci Choir rehearsals begin on Monday, September 13, 6:30 PM at Hood River Valley Christian Church.


We know that everyone is concerned about COVID and its impact on health and safety, and we share those concerns. As of this time -- and the situation is, as we know, fluid -- our Ensemble Operations team and Board of directors have decided on the following protocols:


  1. All participants will need to sign a COVID waiver. You can download the document HERE. Please bring the signed waiver to the first rehearsal.

  2. All participants will need to be 1) fully vaccinated (you will need to bring a photocopy of your vaccination card to our first rehearsal) OR 2) you will need to provide a copy of a COVID test that shows a negative result no more than 48 hours prior to each rehearsal.

  3. ALL ensemble members will be masked during rehearsal as per state recommendations and we will practice social distancing. 

  4. Woodwind and brass players may elect to use a specialized mask that allows for the insertion of a mouthpiece and/or bell covers for their instrument. If you would like CGOA to provide these for you, let us know what you need. 


Please bring your signed waiver and proof of vaccination or negative COVID test to rehearsal.

Obviously, no set of protocols are entirely effective, and no ensemble member should feel under pressure or obligation to resume rehearsals. This is a personal decision that involves many factors and we totally understand any hesitancy. However, we also feel that if we are going to produce something like a normal season of performances that we need to start the rehearsal process.


As noted, we all understand that conditions and regulations are changing almost daily, and we will respond appropriately.