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Connect + Inspire + Create

The Columbia Gorge Orchestra Association was founded in 2005 with the mission of bringing outstanding performances to the Gorge. We've grown from one ensemble to many, but our goal remains the same. First, we want to connect musicians to each other, and diverse audiences to our music. Second, we want both our performers and our audiences to be inspired...before, during and after performances. Last, we want to create amazing musical experiences for our audiences and allow our performers the chance to make creative contributions to their ensembles. 


Our Story

The Columbia Gorge Orchestra Association was founded in 2005. Beginning with the Gorge Sinfonietta (which began in 1979), CGOA has grown to include a number of ensembles, covering a wide variety of genres. Since its inception, CGOA has embarked on a program of artistic growth, increasingly high standards of performance, and exceptional, innovative programming, including world premieres and collaborations with local, regional, and nationally recognized artists, including Storm Large, the Vienna Boys Choir, Sam Baker, Tish Hinojosa, Tom Grant, David Wilcox, Stephen Seifert, Blair Tindall and Aaron Meyer, just to name a few.

CGOA takes pride in, and draws energy from, a large and supportive community of volunteers, amateur and professional musicians, audience members, supporters, donors, grantors, and members. CGOA is firmly committed to diversity, equity and inclusion as fundamental to its organization, strategic vision, outreach and programming. 

CGOA's Board of Directors consists of ensemble participants and gifted community members with a passion for the performing arts and the wealth of opportunities, outstanding experiences, and strength that CGOA helps bring to the Gorge.

CGOA always welcomes new performers, volunteers, committee members and potential Board members. If you want to get involved, we promise to find you a way!

Our mission: CGOA provides exceptional performing arts for the cultural enrichment, learning, engagement and enjoyment of diverse audiences and participants.

CGOA Board and Staff 2023-24


Lori Golze, President   Alison Hodges, Treasurer   Erica Roulier, Secretary

Hugh Amick   Jennifer Harty   Fran Finney   Nancy Merz   

Lindsey Mittendorf   Lori Russell   Elaine Thompson

Artistic Committee

Mark Steighner, conductor, Gorge Sinfonietta   Dan Kenealy, conductor, Voci Community Choir   

Michael Paul, director, Jazz Collective Big Band     Emily Vawter, Stages 


Suzanne Trickey, Executive Assistant     Maureen Lauran, Graphic Designer

Lindsey Mittendorf, Stage Manager   Cindy Allen, Bookkeeper   Johanna Roe, Grant Writer

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